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20+ Unusual Christmas Wallpapers Refresh Your Eyes

December 26, 2011 06:21:38     20 pics     2052 hits
The countdown of Christmas 2011 has begun and everyone is gearing up to indulge in the fun and festivity of the happy holidays. Many People celebrate the festival by changing the wallpaper of the desktop. However, have you thouht about your iPad and iPhone? Come here and have a look! We have prepared the unusual Christmas wallpaper which can refresh your eyes. I dare say that you have never seen them one time.

Accustomed though we are to see the red or green happy Christmas wallpapers, we seldom see the other side of Christmas wallpapers. Such as the funny, gothic, wierd wallpapers. They give us a total different feeling to the holiday, Maybe they are the wallpapers that you have searched for long.

However, if you still want to see the normal happy Christmas walpapers, we still get you the usual ones. 3D Cute Christmas Wallpapers, Merry Christmas Wallpapers, Santa Claue wallpapers are also good choice for our iPhone sceen wallpaper.

20+ Unusual Christmas Wallpapers Refresh Your Eyes presents 20 HD Holidays wallpapers for iPad, iPad 2 & iPad 3. They are archived in 2012 Valentines Day iPad Wallpapers, 2012 Happy New Year iPad Wallpapers, 2012 calendar wallpaper, ... In iPad HD Wallpaper, you can enjoy and safe free download:Polarization of Rich and Poor in Reindeer, We Are Good Friends!, Poor Santa and His Weedy Reindeer, It's A Hijack!, Santa Claus' Romantic Anecdote, Mosquitos Replace Reindeer, Romantic Dancing, Nightmare Before Christmas, Snowman Became Monster! Run!, Walking without Soul, Santa Claus with Green Eyes, Happy Chatting under Sky, Flying Over Devil Town, Say Merry Christmas, Dead Men Walking, Christmas Carol, Walking to Death, Evil Santa with Wolves, Jack and His Friends, Santa Claus with Axe, and more for your iPad & iPad 2.
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